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Model, material and comfort of Flypower products including rackets, apparel, shoes and other accessories related to badminton are designed to increase confidence of players and support them in the pursuit of optimized performance.

Flypower offers a very complete range of badminton equipment products, from shoes, socks, shorts, t-shirts, to racquets and racket bags. In addition, there are trousers, jackets, hats, bags, towels, nets, shuttlecocks, and badminton rugs. Especially, for badminton carpet products, many club owners have chosen to use Flypower carpets. The reason is, this product has been officially recommended by PBSI (Indonesian Badminton Association) as a badminton carpet that has adequate quality and does not cause injury to players.

In early 2002, Fung Permadi and Hariyanto Arbi who just retired from Pelatnas Cipayung, intended to open an badminton equipment business. They started with Flypower with launching badminton shoes and for launching they collaborated PB Djarum players and Pelatnas Cipayung athletes.

They got positive reviews about the shoes and they continued the research in other badminton equipment also and gradually they launched rackets, shirts, pants and other accessories related to badminton.

They made sure that the products followed the latest market tastes and trends. Flypower products continued its journey by increasing the performance and quality of the its products. Starting from design, model, material and comfort all of which supports the performance of the players in the court. It grew as once of the sponsor of most prestigious badminton championship which is National Circuit Djarum in 2011 and 2012

Flypower is a pioneer for the first time introducing and wearing a batik pattern or a distinctive icon of Indonesian culture in the badminton arena in Indonesia and the world. This is in accordance with the global vision and mission of Flypower from Indonesia and wants to preserve the nation’s culture.

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